Interior Architecture, Decoration & Design

The Department of Interior Architecture, Decoration & Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design of T.E.I. of Central Macedonia is the newest department of the Institute, was founded in March 2009 and is the only department of this field of studies in Northern Greece.

The department mission is to promote the field of Design through theory and practice, and to provide its graduates with all the necessary qualifications, specialist knowledge and practices for their future professional carrier and development.

The Department of Interior Architecture, Decoration & Design covers various fields of expertise: Interior Architecture and Design, Exterior Architecture for small scale areas/spaces, Industrial/Product Design for everyday-use products, including also all Applied Decorative Arts.

Head of Department

Pavlidis Iordanis
Associate Professor
Tel: +30 23210 49334
Fax: +30 23210 49335


Koutri Athanasia


T.E.I. of Serres
Terma Magnesias
62124 Serres, Greece

Tel: +30 23210 49337
Fax: +30 23210 49338

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